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Frequently asked questions

How can I sign up on InCash App?

What are the methods to earn rewards on InCash App?

How can I avail an offer?

When will the InCashes be added to my Wallet?

How many InCashes make one 1 rupee?

What are the ongoing offers?

What is an additional reward? How can I claim it?

Why wasn’t I able to claim my additional reward?

Why should I give my phone number for logging in?

Is there any other method of logging in?

What are the highest paying offers?

Why has my offer failed even when I have completed all the tasks?

Can I complete an offer even after the status for it is Failed?

I completed all the steps for my offer but didn’t get any rewards. What was the issue?

What do you mean by Locally Verified status of an offer?

When does the status of my offer changes from Locally Verified to Completed?

How much time does it take for the advertisers to give confirmation once I complete all the steps?

How can I Refer my Friends from InCash?

When will I get the referral reward for the friends I referred?

What are the rewards me and my friend will get if I refer him?

How can I share my referral code with my friend?

How can I go to my wallet?

How can I see my earning history?

What is the minimum amount I can transfer from InCash App?

What are the channels to transfer my money from InCash App?

How much time will it take to transfer money from InCash to my Bank account?

What are some of the reasons my money is not getting transferred to my bank account?

All my requirements for transferring money are completed and still I am unable to transfer the money. Why?

Why was I banned from transferring money?

What is Daily Checkin? How can I avail it?